Jhasmine Pe Benito

With more than 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry, Jhasmine has spearheaded the development, design, execution and management of patient support programs across all major service offerings: patient onboarding, access & reimbursement, affordability, and field support, ensuring access to products for both internal and outsourced PSS operations. As a biotech and pharma leader, Jhasmine has built balanced and diverse teams within Novartis, Gilead, and Genentech, where she stood up new operational centers of excellence, including operations for authorized generics, drove program strategy through products’ life cycles starting with launch to commercial sunset within segments of buy and bill, specialty, retail, site of care, including device and administrative patient support.

BioPharma Career:
Lash Group: Reimbursement
Genentech: Program Strategy and Field Operations & Information Management
Gilead Sciences: Patient Support Programs
Novartis: Patient & Specialty Services and Patient Assistance Foundation

Jhasmine has established herself as a trusted partner across life sciences, service delivery, and tech spaces in evaluating and advising on innovations and investments to drive how we meet the needs of patients today and in the future.

San Diego State University, Bachelor of Science
Loma Linda University, Master of Public Health